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This event was to celebrate the launch of the Well-Being program at Westin Hotels with new ambassador, Rachel Finch. Our brief, to bring the outdoors into the Westin. In order to create drama, we wanted to find an unexpected space so we placed a long communal table for 20 guests in the middle of the marble bridge, which has beautiful views of the architectural structure and limestone walls of the hotel. We styled the tabletops with layered foliage and terrariums in glass prisms with gold edges. Woven through the living table runner were flickering perfumed candles with the Westin’s signature white tea scent (candles can be bought here). To create softness, we hand-dyed muslin in shades of dark beige to create napkins which draped over each plate setting and was wrapped around with twine and the guest’s name. The colour palette was inspired by the Westin’s brand and drawing tones from the outside with blenched timber, emerald foliage, earthenware plates, grey stones and delicate whites and creams. You can view the Westin’s Well-Being program and offerings, here.

STYLING, PROPS & FLORALS: the style maison - @thestylemaison;

PR & EVENT MANAGEMENT: GTI Tourism - @gtitourism;

CATERING: Mosaic Restaurant at The Westin Sydney

VENUE: Marble bridge at The Westin Sydney - @westinsydney;

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